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Color Model for Mary’s Wedding

color-model-photos0062Scenic Designer Tony Ferrieri just snapped a few images of the color model for Mary’s Wedding.  While the actual build of the set is taken from very detailed construction drawings and elevations the model serves as a small scale representation of what the scenery will eventually look like.  Typically the director is given the model to reference as s/he begins more detailed work on the blocking — and help her/him determine where certain moments will take place on the stage and how best to have the actors relate to one another and the space.  And as you can see in these images the model also gives you a sense of how light and color might interplay with the sky backdrop which is made of painted and textured photographic paper.


The model also helps the actors envision what the world of the play will look and feel like.  For the first three weeks of the process the actors rehearse in our rehearsal room with the outline of the set taped out on the floor.  But as you can see in the model there are dramatic sloping levels in the design.  The model helps the director and actors imagine how these slopes and height differences in the set impact physical relationships.  From the front of the stage to the back there is a  six foot rise as well as a trench that goes three feet into the floor.  The model helps keep these dynamic height differences in perspective.


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