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Anthony Rapp Discusses POP! A New Musical by Maggie-Kate Coleman and Anna K. Jacobs

Anthony Rapp returns to Pittsburgh this May to play the iconic pop artist, Andy Warhol, in City Theatre’s season finale POP! Anthony took an hour out of his busy rehearsal schedule to paint a picture, no pun intended, of what audiences can expect from POP!. Check out the videos below and stay tuned for more from City Theatre.





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Tigers Be Still at City Theatre Company in Pittsburgh

Tigers Be Still is a comedy from writer Kim Rosenstock, currently writing for the Fox TV series New Girl, and runs from March 31st – May 6th at City Theatre. Variety commends Rosenstock’s “clever comic dialogue in a voice that is too smart to be cute.”    

The Plot:

Sherry’s art therapy degree didn’t launch her dream career, so she moved back into her childhood bedroom. Her mom won’t come downstairs. Her sister won’t leave the couch. Her very first patient won’t stick around for a session. Her boss brings a rifle to work. And an escaped tiger roams the streets … but Sherry’s life is looking up.

The Trailer:

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Help us welcome Jen Childs to City Theatre!

Jen Childs stars in her hilarious and heartwarming one-woman comedy, Why I’m Scared of Dance.

Help us welcome Jen!

We thought it appropriate to extend her a heartfelt welcome by sharing our own horror stories of dance.  Maybe you have an embarrassing photo or anecdote that you would be willing to share on our Facebook wall?  Just click below to post your photos and stories.

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