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Behind The Scenes of POP!

Get an exclusive behind the scenes look at POP!

Superstars, Brian Charles Rooney (Candy Darling), Courtney Bassett (Edie), Jesse Carrey-Beaver (Gerard), Alyse Alan Louis (Valerie), Paul Victor (Ondine) and Bria Walker (Viva), rehearse “Big Gun”.

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City Theatre holds Pittsburgh auditions for POP!, the new musical on stage this May

City Theatre held auditions January 23rd for the rock musical POP!, by Maggie Kate Coleman and Anna K. Jacobs. POP! is a classic “who done it” about a Pittsburgh icon.  Who shot Andy Warhol?

This May 5-27, City Theatre takes you back to Warhol’s legendary Factory, where every artist has  talent, ego, and a motive to pull the trigger.

As the Pittsburgh pop icon’s life flashes  before his eyes, he confronts an unforgettable cast of outrageous suspects and  wrestles with the meaning of his own legacy. Variety calls this wild  musical collage “vibrant, hip, fresh, and a hell of a lot of fun.”

See the auditions here.  Can you guess who made the cut?

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2011 MOMENTUM Festival Schedule of Events

 City Theatre continues to live out its mission to be a home for new plays with the 2011 MOMENTUM Festival!  This year’s festival promises to be packed with big names, parties, great theatre, and informative workshops and panel discussions.  Read on to see what’s in store!

Thursday, June 2 at 7 pm | Reading of Rancho Mirage
a dark comedy by Steven Dietz
All hell breaks loose at Rancho Mirage, a seemingly picture-perfect upscale housing development, when three couples gather for a hilariously ill-fated dinner party. The author of Shooting Star and Honus & Me returns to City Theatre with a blistering send-up of marriage and suburbia.

Friday, June 3 at 8 pm | Reading of POP!
with Anthony Rapp as Andy Warhol!
a rock musical murder mystery by Maggie-Kate Coleman and Anna K. Jacobs
To be produced next May as part of City Theatre’s 2011/12 Season! Who shot Andy Warhol? Welcome to the pop icon’s legendary Factory, where every artist has talent, ego, and a motive to pull the trigger. Variety calls this wild musical collage “vibrant, hip, fresh, and a hell of a lot of fun.” Join us after the reading for a party in City Theatre’s Gordon Lounge!

Saturday, June 4 at 1 pm | Writing Workshop: “Story-Making for the Stage”
Master playwright Steven Dietz, who co-heads the prestigious M.F.A. playwriting program at the University of Texas at Austin, leads writers at any level—experienced and novice alike—in a look at the fundamentals of theatrical narrative and some strategies to create/explore/interrogate them. No previous writing experience necessary– just bring a pencil, a notebook, and a creative frame of mind! 

Saturday, June 4 at 3 pm | Reading of South Side Stories
written and performed by Pittsburgh’s own Tami Dixon
“What’s your South Side story?” That’s what local actress Tami Dixon asked as she traveled the South Side with her “story wagon,” collecting the true tales of the people she met in the shops, bars, and streets of her Pittsburgh neighborhood. The theatre piece inspired by her journey is a fascinating, moving, and funny tribute to the memories and community built on the flats and slopes of Pittsburgh’s South Side.

Saturday, June 4 at 6 pm | Playwrights Panel
The Compleat Playwright
The MOMENTUM ‘11 writers live and work in cities across the nation, and collectively they are also experienced actors, directors, teachers, and producers of acclaimed theatre companies. Get the inside scoop on how they’ve navigated such rewarding careers and what the Compleat Playwright’s “tool box” must include for success in the contemporary theatre.

Saturday, June 4 at 8 pm | Reading of Rich Girl
A new play by Victoria Stewart
Claudine falls head over heels for Henry, a starving artist. Unfortunately, Claudine’s financial guru mother has her doubts. Is Henry everything her daughter has been looking for? Or is he after something else? A modern adaptation of Henry James’ Washington Square, Victoria Stewart’s Rich Girl examines how women relate to men, mothers, and money … in that order. Join us after the reading for a party in City Theatre’s Gordon Lounge.

Sunday, June 5 at 3 pm | Encore reading of POP!
featuring Anthony Rapp

For more information, call 412-431-CITY.  We hope to see you there!

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