The Amish Project opens Friday

posted by Molly MacLagan, Literary Management and Dramaturgy Intern

Friday night, Jessica Dickey’s solo show, The Amish Project, opens at City Theatre.  The fictional piece written in response to the 2006 Nickel Mines shooting, premiered at the 2008 International Fringe Festival in New York. Dickey weaves together the stories of seven fictional individuals somehow involved in the shooting or the surrounding community.  All the characters are portrayed by Dickey, who wanted to use the play to explore forgiveness.

Click the video below to watch the trailer for The Amish Project.

In describing the process of writing The Amish Project, Dickey says “I learned that the boundary between fact and fiction is a fraught one…  I was highly aware through the entire process that somewhere out there are the real people who went through this event—the widow of the Nickel Mines gunman and her children, the Amish families of the girls who were targeted in the shooting… In an effort to balance the conflicting desires to remain sensitive to the real people who were affected by the shooting, while giving myself creative license to write an unflinching play, I purposefully did not research the gunman or his widow, nor did I conduct any interviews of any kind. The characters in The Amish Project are fictional, and should not be misconstrued as the real people.”  To learn more about the making of The Amish Project, check out the website at

Check back soon for more information about The Amish Project.


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