Precious Little ends, Amish Project begins

posted by Carlyn Aquiline, Literary Manager and Dramaturg

This weekend, as Madeleine George’s Precious Little ends its run on the mainstage, Jessica Dickey’s The Amish Project begins previews in the Hamburg.

Precious Little is really not to be missed! But don’t take my word for it. Scroll back through the blog to read the reviews–excellent across the board (we hate to disappoint Ted Hoover this weekend, who states in his review that he wishes the production could run forever), watch the video of audience response and artists discussing the play, and read the great background articles surrounding the play and production. 

Then watch Jessica Dickey’s appearance this morning on KDKA’s Pittsburgh Today, where she talks about the genesis of The Amish Project, the seven characters she plays in the show, and the fine line she had to tread between fact and fiction in the writing–among other things.

Look for more features about The Amish Project in the upcoming days and weeks.


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