No Diving!

posted by Molly MacLagan, Literary and Dramaturgy Intern

City Theatre staff knows how to party!  The holidays and the Winter Classic have come and gone (as have the vast quantities of food and drink heartily enjoyed by all).  But as someone very wise once said, the show must go on.  Without wasting anytime, the company for Tarell Alvin McCraney’s Marcus; or the Secret of Sweet was hard at work in the rehearsal room, and the staff was hard at work putting into place the elements needed for our next production.

Marcus is part of McCraney’s Brother/Sister Plays which includes City Theatre’s 2008 hit The Brothers Size.  It’s customary for designers to make a presentation at the first rehearsal.  Because Marcus requires some unique scenic elements, designer Tony Ferrieri and his crew needed to hit the ground running.  Or it might be more accurate to say they needed to dive in headfirst.  What will eventually be four pools of water framed by meandering wooden catwalks looks more like an advertisement for Hefty bags at the moment, with the stage carefully protected by pool lining.  The crew walks on this liner without shoes to prevent damaging it, and a “no diving” sign jokingly warns against any actual diving.

Scattered about the theatre are pieces of the set – weathered wood planks and platforms that will eventually makeup the aforementioned catwalks.  The front row of the theatre is mere feet from the stage, ensuring that audience members will be up-close and personal with the action.  To see sketches and models of the set from the first day of rehearsal, as well as the progress made on the set so far, click on the photos below.

Want to see more more?  Check back soon for more information about scenic, lighting, sound, and costume designs for Marcus and interviews with the designers.


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