City Theatre gears up for the holiday season

posted by Molly MacLagan, Literary and Dramaturgy Intern

With the mild weather it could be easy to forget that the holidays are upon us.  Thankfully, the staff here at City Theatre wouldn’t let that happen.  With Thanksgiving just a few days away, and the holiday season underway, it looks as though Santa’s elves paid a visit to our lounge!  Carols filled the air when I went to fill my coffee cup yesterday, and City Theatre staff members were climbing ladders, stringing lights, and generally spreading holiday cheer.  The results didn’t disappoint!  All those lights, stockings, snowflakes, and Poinsettias have made the lounge a veritable winter wonderland.

Then a visit upstairs to the theatre itself provided more evergreens and twinkling lights than you could shake a candy cane at.  From the lighted garland leading up the stairs, to the lighted Christmas shrine (complete with a light-up statue of the Mother Mary and photograph of Pope John Paul II), to the five – yes five! – Christmas trees adorning the stage, the Sister’s Christmas Catechism is bringing new meaning to the phrase deck the halls.  Even without the full splendor of everything being powered on, I couldn’t help but smile at the excitement of the season.

Check out these photos of the lounge and the set for Sister’s Christmas Catechism, and hopefully you’ll start craving gingerbread and sugarplums, too!

If you’re looking for a family-friendly evening full of laughter, fun, and holiday spirit, come check out Sister’s Christmas Catechism opening on Friday and playing through December 19.  And, of course, have a safe and happy Thanksgiving, from all of us here at City Theatre!


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