Audience Accolades – The Morini Strad

The Morini Strad continues its run until December 12th, and audiences are loving it.  You can see their feedback below:

“It was one of the most extraordinary plays at City Theater… in my last 3 years of season tickets.  Fabulous set, amazing casting, and absolutely riveting, touching and insightful for each of us as we look at how we live our lives, use our talents, live our dreams…or not… The unsettled ending… extends the impact of the play even after leaving the theater… forc[ing] us to participate, as it were, in writing the end of the play, personalizing it to our own set of values.”
Ann S.

“Loved this show – especially Carla. She’s an amazing actress that demonstrated such range of emotion. What a beautiful performance!!!!”
Cyrus E.

“This was one of the best productions I’ve seen at the City Theater.  The acting was wonderful and the story was engaging.  I forgot I was watching actors.  Thank you for such a wonderful production.”
Meryl L.

“Loved The Morini Strad!  The actors were amazing, the set was beautiful and the play was very warm, clever and touching.”
–Laurie M. W.

“My husband and I were blown away.  The actors were superb in their parts and the storyline itself was riveting.  Although not a comedy, the humor added a lot to the experience.  Bravo!”
— Katherine K.

“Bravo for the set, the performance, the script, the [talk-back], City Theatre and happy T-giving.  I am thankful for what you all do day in and day out to make City Theatre so important to Pittsburgh.”
— Laurie M.

“We all thought it was excellent, and we loved it even more when the main character [Brian Skarstad, played by David Whalen] showed up to talk with us after the play!   Well done!”
— Jacqui F. L.

“We loved THE MORINI STRAD; it was wise, funny, touching–great dialogue and great characters.”
— Emily S.



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