The 39 Steps: Audience Accolades

You know the critics enjoyed it, now here’s what City Theatre audiences have to say:
“You should be proud of this production.  I don’t know when I laughed so hard for so long.  Great casting and staging.  Loved it!!!”
Larry B.

39 Steps last night was truly entertaining!  What great fun it was to see this wonderfully energetic, beautifully played silliness keep us all engaged and satisfied. This imaginative, creative, captivating humor provided an evening of very enjoyable theatre.  The professionals in the cast were multi-dimentional, diverse in their characterizations, unique in their business… certainly worth the trip downtown.  You have built a wonderful theatre experience here…  I truly admire talented people who can craft a dramatic presentation with such warmth, energy, integrity and creativity.”
Don A.
” This show is one of the best I’ve seen in a long time, long on talent and creativity. Thanks to the incredible actors, Tracy B and the playwright. The crew did a great job especially with sound.  City never disappoints.”
MaryAlice M.


“This was my first play at City Theatre and I absolutely loved it! The actors were phenomenal and I was so impressed by the many dialects they were able to do, and how quickly they could change from one to the other! I loved the set and the way that it was used…  I will most definitely be back to see the next show!”
Emily L.
Enjoyed the show so much….a rollicking good time!”
Katie A.

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