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This weekend is your last chance to see Tony Award-winning Michele Pawk in a tour-de-force performance in The Blonde, the Brunette and the Vengeful Redhead by Australian playwright Robert Hewett, who joined us for previews and opening night. Michele plays seven characters who offer their individual perspectives on the same event. The characters often contradict one another, at times obviously deceive themselves, and clearly manipulate some details to shine a better light on themselves. All of which means that the whole truth (whatever that is!) can never actually be known by the audience members, who must ultimately decide what they think the “truth” is.

What IS true is that Michele Pawk gives an outstanding performance and that director Lou Jacob and the designers—Tony Ferrieri (set), C.T. Steele (costumes), Andy Ostrowski (lights), and Jane Shaw (sound)—invite the audience in on the fun of watching Michele transition from one character to the next as the set revolves and she changes costumes and wigs. Sometimes we get just a peek and sometimes we get the full view but the transitions between monologues—which are all like complete short plays in themselves—are a blast to watch, and the character of the production would suffer greatly without them.

I don’t think the other designers will be insulted if I bring special attention to C.T. and the amazing costume design he has created, which includes the initial vision for the indispensible wigs and ongoing collaboration with wig designers Elsen Associates to develop them to their final looks. Thanks to him, Michele is able to change to a new and distinctive look for each character in a few seconds flat and, amazingly, those wigs actually make her face look different for each character.

Michele Pawk as Rhonda, the "redhead," wearing the first of C.T. Steele's craftily designed costumes and wigs. They're unique to the personality and style of each character but allow for lightning quick changes in the transitions between monologues, which are great fun to watch.

Catch Michele in performance through Sunday afternoon. Several performances are already sold out. Here is some press in case you missed it before:

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And, for fun, here’s Michele’s “Personality Test” in today’s Tribune-Review.


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