Audience members agree: WHEN JANUARY is *fabulous*

posted by Carlyn Aquiline, Literary Manager and Dramaturg

Yesterday, Cori Thomas described the audience feedback to her original City Theatre reading of When January Feels Like Summer in Momentum 08 as “illuminating and inspiring” (see previous post “An American Play“). Today we hear more feedback from audience members who have been telling us all through the run that they’d describe the play in similar terms. If you still need to be convinced that When January Feels Like Summer is not to be missed, read on to see what audience members have been writing us. Thanks to all whose quotes appear here.

Cari Marty: When January… was *fabulous* –loved it, loved the story, loved the cast (so impressed with the “kid” from CAPA!!!)… posted the recommendation on my FB page so hopefully lots of my friends will see it.”

Sandi & Peter Behrens: “We thought the entire production was brilliant. Often a play is good but the acting or directing…doesn’t do it justice. Or the play is mediocre but the production is great. In this case we were swept away. New, creative, fabulous! Thank you and yes, we are telling everyone we can think of to see this play.” 

Sandi also told us that she’s working part-time now and so she and Peter dropped their other subscriptions, “but made it a priority to figure out a way to keep up the City subscription. You NEVER disappoint and always delight. You can quote that, too!” (Thanks, Sandi!)

Barbara Gaudio: “I must say it was one of the best plays we have ever seen at City Theatre and we have been going for years!!! Six of us had dinner after the performance and each and everyone loved it. The actors were fantastic! I could see it again. Kudos to all those involved. Thanks for keeping us entertained.”

Amy Hartman: “Wow! What a ride. A funny, suprising, and inspiring play. When January Feels Like Summer is a welcomed message that hope is this gift, being given around the most unexpected corners, and the possiblity of finding love is like fireworks in your heart. This story is told in such a fresh bold voice that time flies by.”

Dean Poyner: “I wanted to reach out to you to let you know how much I enjoyed When January Feels Like Summer last night. It was a great crowd, and everyone was really involved. I was impressed with Cori’s storytelling and the rich, fun, vivid characters, and the way we were so clearly along for the journey. It was an amazing reminder of how much we are all deeply willing to buy-in to love. We want to watch the Impossible happen on stage–that’s why we come to the theatre–and when it does, so cleanly and smoothly, yet not without struggle or heartbreak, we are moved. That’s the best kind of perception shift, I think, because it’s one we can see coming, and await, hope for, and at turns cringe or doubt, and finally be resolved and reaffirmed in the end. I heard comments like ‘it was so nice to see a lighter one’ and ‘I needed to see that play’ coming out. And there were sniffles, myself included. Well done. Thanks again.”

Susan DeRiggi-Bost: “Well City Theatre does it again! Glenn and I were at the opening for the play and it was such a different play from the last two. It was more light-hearted and presented their message with a lot of humor. I’ll be back to see it again in April with some friends that enjoy the plays The City provides.”

Susan’s is a great observation on how we try to program a season–we do try to make sure we’re presenting a really interesting variety of work from one play to the next.

Check back for more audience responses–as we get them, well post them. Do you have a question or comment about what you see onstage? My e-mail is to the right–let me know, or reply to Sloan (our marketing director) when he e-mails you to thank you for attending). 


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