“City Theatre’s new play a quest for love”

posted by Carlyn Aquiline, Literary Manager and Dramaturg

That’s the headline about Cori Thomas’s When January Feels Like Summer in today’s Tribune-Review article by Alice Carter. When January Feels Like Summer is featured on the cover of the Trib‘s Ticket magazine. Audiences who come along on the quest should find the play surprising–since it kept the playwright wondering what was going to happen next even as she wrote it. Read what Cori tells Alice about discovery in playwriting and about the play’s title, among other things, here. You’ll also find some photos–of Debargo Sanyal as Ishan/Indira on the cover and inside, of Gita Reddy as Nirmala and John Marshall Jones as Joe, and of Carter Redwood as Jeron and Joshua Elijah Reese as Devaun. (By the way, the caption of Carter and Joshua identifies Carter as being on the right in the photo–it’s actually the other way around. Carter is on the left and Joshua is on the right.)


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