Rehearsal Diary #2 with Mary’s Wedding Actor Braden Moran

Braden MoranI’m not an experienced blogger as evidenced by my extreme neglect of my blogging duties…but my inability to find the time to compile some thoughts more regularly throughout the rehearsal process is a great testament to the tremendous amount of attention this play requires!  I knew the simplicity on the page was deceptive – but I didn’t know how deceptive.  It’s one of the more complex shows I’ve worked on and demands a good deal of imagination, focus, and technical facility.  There are only two actors on stage the whole time so just memorizing the lines is a job in and of itself!
It’s been an absolute blur of activity since we started rehearsal… as we’ve begun to pull the layers back on the show, the depth of the text continues to reveal itself in fantastically surprising and continually challenging ways.  As we discover those new challenges, the magnitude of the amount of work involved (on all levels of the production) is daunting but invigorating.  I couldn’t be more excited about the team of artists compiled by City Theatre for Mary’s Wedding…it’s an honor and a privilege to be counted amongst them.  Every day at work is a joy…there is something so wonderful about this play that inspires very unique and individual responses…and everyone involved has a great passion for the telling of this story.  
We’ve begun previews of the show – which means we’re rehearsing for about 5 hours during the day and then performing the show at night. Those rehearsals allow us to continue crafting the show to best fit into the space as well as add new technical layers of lighting, costumes and sound to flesh out the dream world we dwell in. We’ve been learning a great deal about the show as we’ve had our first audiences…and one of the things I’ve learned is that it is physically and mentally exhausting – in a good way!! It’s a nightly workout and I appreciate that from a show…It continues to grow nightly as we settle into the space and the technical elements combine with the work we did in the rehearsal hall…
This is a fun time for an actor…the whole things starts to come together and the technical elements that have been living only in your imagination throughout rehearsal are suddenly vibrantly alive in the space. Our designers and crew have done a fabulous job of complimenting the work we’ve done in rehearsals and – in many ways – elevating it to another level. I cannot rave enough about all of their work…
And I can’t wait to see how it’s received by people…I think we’ve got something really lovely on our hands and am excited to share it with City Theatre’s audiences!!


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