10-15-8 Set Update for Long Story Short

With only a few days before the actors and musicians move into the theatre our production staff is kicking into high gear. Carlyn Aquiline, our Literary Manager and Dramaturg, snapped these excellent photos capturing all the activity.

Scenic Painter Leah McDermott and assistant Zinnia sanding and plastering the walls

Above, Scenic Artist Leah McDermott and assistant Zinnia sand and plaster the walls for the right texture.

In this photo, Lighting Designer Andy Ostrowski and his crew work simultaneously with Leah’s team. Here Andy shows his assistant how he would like the one of the approximately 100 lighting instruments focused. You can see the light being adjusted in the upper right hand corner of the photo.

And here’s one with a little more perspective–from the back row of the theatre. Note that Leah has painted the floor a striking blue.

Finally — the photo above captures the blue “cyc” that surrounds the stage. You can just get a glimpse of it on the left side of the picture. “Cyc” is short for cyclorama which is a large curtain, wall, or piece of fabric, typically concave, that serves as a scenic backdrop. In our production it is made of a semi-translucent material and therefore you can see light from an exterior door spilling through it rather dramatically. The design idea behind the blue cyc in combination with the blue floor is to give the apartment at the center of the action the appearance of floating in space. From the beginning of the design process director Tracy Brigden has described the apartment as “a floating jewel box.” And Scenic Designer Neil Patel, Lighting Designer Andy Ostrowski, as well as their hard working crews are working to translate those words into reality on the stage.


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