LONG STORY SHORT — Rehearsal Diary 10-1-8

Tracy Brigden — Artistic Director


Music Director Doug Levine and actors Pearl Sun and Ben Evans

Music Director Doug Levine and actors Pearl Sun and Ben Evans

It’s really fun to rehearse a musical – mostly because if you’re like me – you like to listen to music – and when you rehearse a musical you get to listen to music all day.


Today we started with a second read-thru of the play with the actors stumbling (actually more often sailing) through the music that they just learned yesterday.  Every time we hear the whole piece we find another set of little tweaks in script and score to make the story clearer.  I am also able to start visualizing some clear images and ideas for some of the staging of the production as I listen to the actors and their interpretation of the text. 


It is a misconception that directors have all the movement of the actors planned out before they start rehearsal. I always have ideas for some moments – the start and end of scenes or important sections – but don’t have every piece of movement written down to dictate to the actors.  I prefer to find the physical life of the play along with the actors as we explore the text in rehearsal. 


So, having read the piece again, I turned the actors over to our wonderful Musical Director, Douglas Levine – who is to taking them through the score to keep learning and fine tuning the music as I write this.  Brendan, the second half of the writing team, is arriving in a few minutes from New York – he just called to say he was about a mile away – so I’m going to go and greet him.  More soon. 


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