LONG STORY SHORT — Rehearsal Diary 9-28-8

Tracy Brigden — Artistic Director

FIRST REHEARSAL TODAY.  EXCITING. MOMENTOUS.  This production has been about five years in the making.  Brendan Milburn and

Director Tracy Brigden discusses the scenic design with writer and composer Valerie Vigoda

Director Tracy Brigden discusses the scenic design with writer and composer Valerie Vigoda and the cast

Valerie Vigoda, the husband and wife writing team, were introduced to me about six years ago by our mutual agent, Carl Mulert.  I instantly fell in love with them and their music – both for the theatre and with their band, GROOVE LILY.  I invited them out to our Momentum Festival and Brendan was able to make the trip.  I wanted him to see how we develop new work at City Theatre and get a dose of the energy and excitement of our campus during the festival.  I also thought it would be fun if our staff and patrons got to hear a little of his music, so he kindly agreed to play a set or two in the lobby during one of the parties.

Next we set out to find a playwright that Brendan and Val might like to work with to write a new musical to be commissioned by and for City Theatre.  So Carlyn Aquiline, our Literary Manager/ Dramaturg, and I selected a group of possible collaborators and sent off a packet of plays to Brendan and Val.  One of the plays we sent was a piece we had almost produced the previous year called AN INFINITE ACHE by playwright, David Schulner.

Brendan and Val didn’t just like David’s writing, they LOVED the play and asked me if instead of collaborating with David to write a new piece, they could just secure the rights to AN INFINITE ACHE and adapt it themselves into a musical.  I loved the idea; we secured the rights and Brendan and Val began writing songs right away. 

The last three years have been a series of readings, workshops, conferences, meetings, and of course hours and hours of Brenda and Val’s hard work writing songs and text , cutting, thinking, rewriting and recomposing.  We have thrown out great songs because they didn’t fit in the structure.  We have cut text and put it back in.  We have changed plot points and motivations.  And finally we have arrived at today.  The first day of rehearsal for the world premiere production. 






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