Piquant Lines of the Week

With the pithy and hilarious A MARRIAGE MINUET in rehearsals at the moment the staff has been quoting the play about the office all week. I asked the actors, director, stage manager, and production assistant to offer their favorite lines of the week.

Here they are:

Deirdre (Violet): “Why do men always think they’re doing it alone?”

Tami (Girl): “Barely suppressed irritation.”

Ross (Rex): “What a charming rascal I must be.”

Doug (Douglas): “I hate meeting people out of context.”

Helena (Lily): “Sir, I love you more than words can wield the matter.” Well, Shakespeare not Wiltse.

Patti (Stage Manager): “Smart as iodine on an open wound.”

Lauren (Production Asst.): “Oh, those naughty Nazis.”

Tracy (Director): “Burst, not bust.”


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