“The Process” with the sublime Taifa Harris

taifa-headshot.jpgWow, what a ride.  Not knowing what to expect, I came to the first day of rehearsal with anticipation of how great this experience could be.  I knew this was going to be something special when Artistic Director,  Tracy Brigden brought EVERYONE involved in the workings of City Theatre together to meet, and welcome us into the family.   What a collaboration of talents to bring this story to life! 

Throughout rehearsal, Liesl Tommy guided us to explore aspects of our characters that we might sometimes shy away from in our own lives and encouraged us to make them real on the stage.  We felt safe to cry, laugh, fail and succeed.   With the music, the movement, and our own truths, we started to soar.   

As we moved from the rehearsal room into the theatre, we reached a new level of collaboration and discovery as Pei-Chi Su’s costumes began to inform and shape our character’s look and physical movement and Marcus Doshi’s lighting design created a palette that made the atmosphere palpable.  Tony Ferrieri’s set blurs the barrier between the audience and stage and gives them license to participate in the emotional journey of the play — which audiences have so warmly embraced. taifa-pic-for-blog.jpg 

Here we are with a week left in our run and I still find myself discovering new things with this wonderful cast.   Avery, Kevin, DeWanda, Joshua and George feed my spirit every night.  I have been challenged, touched, enlightened, moved and humbled by this piece and my new family.  It has truly taken Flight! 

– Taïfa Harris (Alma)


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