Two Days to Tech


With two days left until technical rehearsals (where lights, sound, and costumes are integrated into the production) the major structural aspects of the scenic design are in place.  And as you see in the pictures here, they are pretty striking.  Click on the image for a larger view. 

While the model (see blog entry titled “Six Questions withimage009.jpg Scenic Designer, Tony Ferrieri” for images) reveal much about what the ultimate design will look like there are always changes during constructions  as well as changes of perception as you move from quarter-inch model to real size.  I was most surprised by the scale of the tree.  It is much more grand and majestic in the theatre space.  In an interesting contrast the layers of the tree give it a delicate airiness that I wasn’t expecting.  I’m fascinated to see how light will interact with the materials of the tree and transform it. 

image012.jpgAs you can see in the picture to the left the details are now being added.  While the deck of the stage is painted and textured, and materials are sculpted to create the horizon, electricians hang lighting instruments in the grid above. 

The actors will step foot on stage for the first time tomorrow image007.jpgevening so the production staff is working to have the majority of the elements in place.  As the designers and director see how the light, costumes, and sound come together in the space over the weekend, the production team will continue to adapt the design until opening night.

Look for a tech update early next week.


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