A Matter of Scale

picture-014.jpgScenic Design Update:  Tony Ferrieri’s design is now moving from the rendering and model phase to being realized in our main-stage space.   I snapped a few photos today of the build in progress.  You’ll find them interspersed below.

If it is your first time visiting the Page to Stage blog, here is a tip —  you can view a larger version of the picture by clicking on the image.

The first step in this process was striking the previous set picture-006.jpgfor Mat Smart’s charming 13th OF PARIS.  So, down came the Parisian cafe and funky Rue des Gobelins apartment once haunted by jaunty Jacques.  Next came a re-configuration of the audience seating.  In FLIGHT the audience will be arranged in a “thrust” configuration picture-013.jpg(audience on three sides of the stage). picture-004.jpgIn order to achieve this, the first few rows of seats closest to the stage are removed, divided and reconfigured on either side of the stage.  This provides a much more intimate and dimensional relationship to the audience.  The last time the main-stage was in this configuration was for 2007’s THE MUCKLE MAN. picture-009.jpgIn the theatre, the deck of the stage is being built and carved into an elegantly curved and multi-layered platform system.  While in the shop, layers of plasticor are hand-cut to create the semi-translucent layers of the tree that serves as the central image of the design.picture-018.jpg  

In the picture on the right, CJ and Patrick are doing the picture-022.jpgcarving with oversight from Technical Director and political junkie, Paul Ford. 

Look for another update on the progress of the build soon.

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